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 Total touch for you    
I'll say goodbye, Love me in Slow motion en Forgive won't forget are the outstanding songs from the album This way, the second album of Total Touch  
Trijntje and Berget on tour  

If you are lucky you can see Trijntje en Berget this year in your country. These 2 powerwoman will go on a tour with saxofonist Candy Dulfer. This tour which is called Dance Extra Vagance, can be sighted in Germany, Austria and Belgium. The tour is called: Dance extra vegance. 

Forgive won't forget for sale  

at the 12th of may Total Touch released the new single, it's called Forgive won't Forget and it is a love ballad. This strong popsong is for foreign viewers of this site for sale at frontstage, there you can buy this song if you like it!!  


Total Touch in Ghana     

Last month Total Touch was in Ghana for a few performances. They were invited to play for the Dutch ambasseed and to play for a few other people in Ghana

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Marjorie Pelgrim new backing vocal  

Due to the leave of Caroline Dest, was it necessary for Total Touch to find a new backing vocal at short notice. they found a new backing vocal, her name is Marjorie Pelgrim and she is a very swinging woman with a beautiful voice. Caroline will be back as from July. You can see Carolline at the Eurovison Songcontest at 29th of may. She will perfom with Dutch singer Marlayne with the song One good reason.

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For the 3rd time in a row Trijntje Oosterhuis, singer of Total Touch has won a TMF Award (comparable with a MTV Award). She has won the award for best singing woman in Holland, She beated Anouk and Ilse de Lange. The TMF price for the best group went to another band this year, but Total Touch was nominated for the 3rd time in a row which was very special, 2 times they have won the price for the best group in Holland. Only this year they did not win this price. Conclusion: Trijntje rules the popscene in Holland
Almost a new CD  

A 3rd album of Total Touch will come out very soon, probably this year. Their first album " Total Touch" was the best selling album in Holland of 1996 and almost 500.000 copies are sold yet. Songs of this album were Touch me there and Somebody else's lover. This Way, the 2nd album of Total Touch is very succesful too, almost 300.000 people have bought this perfect new album in Holland which you can buy at Frontstage. You must know the song I'll say goodbye, that beautiful lovesong, which is very populair in foreign countries, you can also buy this song with Frontstage

Forgive won't forget for sale
Trijntje en Berget on tour
Total Touch in Ghana 
New face in Total Touch
New album out this year
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 Listen to: Doo be la Dee!!    
Listen here 30 seconds to this record which is for sale in your country   

You can see here a movie from Trijntje in Dutch!!   

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