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   Single and lyricsgallery 
Welkom in The Single and Lyricsgallery, hier vind je alle feiten over de uitgebrachte singles, songteksten van de singles van het debuutalbum en alle songteksten van This Way. 

Total Touch 
Forgive won't forget 

Anybody there that i can talk to? 
Anybody that can talk back to you? 
Do you feel the same the way that i do? 
You are the only one that can help me through 
I am a girl that's really got her pride 
even thoug i'm dying deep  inside 
i'll stay in tume- and i won't get upset 
but there are things in life that i can't forget 

I will forgive won't forget 
and what you've done i regret 
i've got to go on with my life 
although i'll pay the price 
but it's so hard every time 
There was a time you were mi ne 
it's your life i respect 
Our Love is gone - it's a fact 
I will forgive - but 1 won't forget 

I used to play the girl so strong 
but i feel so weak since the day you're gone 
i no longer want to sing my song 
now i know what it is to be alone 
I've got to find a new woman in me 
but it doesn't seems to happen naturally 
i wish this whole mess was not true 
'cause the damm truth is 
i'am still in love with you 

Bridge= repeat chorus 



 ALBUM TOP 20 over 1998  

nr                    Artiest/titel  

 1      Marco Borsato, De Bestemming  
 2      Celine Dion, Let's talk about love  
 3      Eros Rammazotti, Eros  
 4      Madonna, ray of light  
 5      U2, The Best of 1980- 1990  
 6      Anouk, together alone  
 7      Titanic, original soundtrack  
 8      Era, Era  
10     Volumia, volumia  
11     De Kast, Noorderzon  
12     Emma Shaplin, Carmine Meo  
13     Acda  & de Munnik, Naar Huis  
14     Boyzone, where we belong  
15     Andrea Boccelli, Romanca  
16     Bueno Vista Social Club, idem  
17     Acda & de Munnik, idem  
18     Paul de Leeuw, lief  
19     Ilse de  Lange, World of Hurt  
20     Janet Jackson, The Velvet Rope  

Hitfeiten over alle singles van Total Touch vind je hier

De nieuwe single forgive won't forget komt in mei uit, de release datum staat nog steeds niet vast, dit komt natuurlijk omdat Vlieg met me Mee, nog steeds een succes is 
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